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How to beat razorgrin brawlers

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Razorgrin Razorgrin is a Rank 5 boss in the Legion Brawler's Guild. Attack this boss from the back (or at ranged) to avoid the deadly Bite. View Post. The answer is obvious: You beat Razorgrin as melee by rerolling a ranged. Sorcex 94 Tauren Hunter posts. Razorgrin is your second Brawler's Guild Rank 5 opponent. He deals massive damage in front of his head, which will kill you almost instantly.

how to beat razorgrin brawlers As part of keeping the Brawler's Guild fresh, Patch retuned the fights for level players, putting an end to the first season of. I was going to beat this fucked up version of pac man and I was going .. my imp instead of my felguard as i figured razorgrin would 1 shot my. Guild Legion. Brawler´s Guild legion, comes out on patch Each new boss you defeat in the Arena will award you with rep. Each “rank . Jump over fire waves when they pass the room; Razorgrin Don't stand in.

Recently created some guides to the new brawlers guild ranks from 1 to 7. Youtube Razorgrin - Don't get in front of the boss, either kite or move around him. Rank 8 and beat stranger things and nothing is showing up. Challenge Cards are used to challenge Brawler's Guild foes. and Alliance Card Trader Leila in Deeprun Tram after beating Brawler's Guild encounters or finding quest-starting items out in the world. . [] Razorgrin; N.