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How to change dimensions in revit 2013

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I am trying to change the dimensions between windows with the 'aligned dimension' but when I click on the dimension it either tries to move the. Topics in this section. Change a Dimension Value When you adjust the value of a dimension, the referenced element changes in size or moves. In the Project Units dialog, select the discipline. Click the value in the Format column to change the display value for that unit type. When selected, the Decimal symbol/digit grouping option specified in the Project Units dialog is applied to the unit value.

to be displayed in metric. The current dimensions need to be displayed in decimal form. Sep 23 You have an existing drawing that is dimensioned with imperial units and would like to change some of the dimensions to metric. Solution To change the size of temporary dimensions Exit Revit® Architecture. Using Windows Explorer, browse to and 0 contributions. Sep 23 SHARE. August 27, by Renata Jočienė · FAQ: How to Adjust Dimensions in Revit to Each Door Properly to the Legend View? I would like to share some information.

I am trying to change the dimensions to my drawing. ther are not locked and I First, dimensions in REVIT are parametric. using RAC