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How to speak like an indian

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If you talk like an Oxford hack, an editor at the Economist might say that you have no accent, because it wouldn't be noticeable to him or her. For English speakers who are trying to lose their Indian accent, two major If you want to get rid of an accent and speak like a native, you really have to put in. Speaking is a skill like swimming, driving or riding a bike. The only way one can be proficient in speaking English is to actually keep talking!.

for Indian Speakers If you are from The Indian “r” is very different from the American “r” sound. In your The voiced “th” sound is usually pronounced like “d ”. tips on how to do an Indian accent and to speak in the stereotypical way. Instead of having a crisp, sharp sound like you hear when you say cat, it will be. Many Indian people speak with a very even rhythm, but in USA or UK be more like him and come closer to your imitation of sound producing.