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How to tape your ankles

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In this Article:Preparing to Tape the AnkleTaping the AnkleCommunity Q&A9 When positioning, think about the points where your shoe meets your foot. Here are step-by-step instructions for taping an ankle, courtesy of orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon" tool at the top of this page or contact your primary doctor. How to Tape your Ankle. Ankle Strapping Technique to Prevent Lateral Ankle Ligament Sprains. ankle strapping. Step 1. Attach anchors (A) first.

Your ankle is under immense weight bearing pressure every day. Strapping your ankle with adhesive tape is crucial for the prevention of ankle injuries. Properly taping your ankle injury makes a difference in recovery time and the likelihood of further injury. Make sure you're taking these steps when taping an. Taping your ankle is a necessity if you play a lot of sport, are prone to ankle injuries, or recovering from one. Revive details how to tape.

Athletes hoping to prevent such injuries will often tape their ankles to protect and support the joint. There is little data, however, on how taping.