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How to use alternatively in a sentence

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We could go to the Indian restaurant, or alternatively, we could try that by filling two plastic bottles with water or sand or use cans of beans. Definition of alternatively - as another option or possibility. 'alternatively, you may telephone us direct if you wish'. More example sentences. 'They will have. How to use alternately in a sentence. Example sentences with the word alternately. alternately example sentences.

How to use alternatively in a sentence. Example sentences with the word alternatively. alternatively example sentences. Alternatively definition: You use alternatively to introduce a suggestion or to mention something different to what. Example sentences containing ' alternatively'. alternatively in a sentence - Use "alternatively" in a sentence 1. Alternatively, you have to do some trading with the legislators. 2. Alternatively, taxis can be hired.

What does Alternately vs alternatively mean? Learn the definition of Alternately vs alternatively & other commonly used words, phrases, & idioms in the English. a traffic sign that reads "alternate route" is not telling you to use the if alternative in this sentence means 'alternate plan' then 'alternative plan'. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word " Alternative" in housebrac.com «Back [ 1 ] Next». use alternatively in a sentence how to make sentence on alternatively.