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Sew-ology snap buttons how to apply

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An easy tutorial to help you install snap buttons and ring snaps. Use the wider setting tool with the indent at the bottom, and align the indent. Use two layers of medium to heavy-weight fabric, reinforced with interfacing. Mark position of heavy duty snaps on topside and underside of garment. And can be used instead of buttons/buttonholes (if you hate sewing those), The snaps that I use most often, are a very inexpensive brand that I find at Walmart.

For some sewing applications, there's nothing that works quite as well as a metal snap. They're easier to use than buttons and more durable. Snaps are no exception to the list of modern sewing inventions that we sometimes They gained popularity because of their ease in use, as well as their durability. When setting snaps at home, you have two basic tool options: snap fastener. Dritz Snap Fastener Kit - Size /16" - 4 Ct. + Tool Snap Setter Hand Pliers Setting Tool,Metal Ring Button Press Studs Sewing Craft Fastener Snap Pliers . For placement of fasteners farther from the edge, use the smaller size.