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How to bubble wrap cake decorating

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When you think of cake decorating tools, what do you imagine? Spatulas, piping bags, icing smoother, maybe a turntable — but what about bubble wrap?. When I first saw a link to this video, I didn't know what to expect. I just saw the baker smearing chocolate onto a sheet of bubble wrap. I couldn't. Check out how a simple utility as a sheet of bubble wrap can work wonders to decorate a cake with a basket-like thing of perfection.

It's a definitely Creative Way to Decorate Cake With Bubble Wrap to give cake a very special look and people will be amazed with your skills. DIY Bubble Wrap Cake Decoration ~ DIY Craft Project. The internet was blowing up recently over this mind-blowing, mouth-watering video of a woman making a cake decoration out of wait for it.

Bubble Wrap Cake decorating. All you need for the amazing decoration is a clean section of bubble wrap and molten tempered chocolate. The woman in the . This creative genius took bubble wrap and covered it with chocolate and then wrapped her cake with it! This is amazing! I would blow the minds of my.