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How to starch a sun hat

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Close up of woman wearing sun hat. credit: Tom Merton/OJO Images/ If time is short, purchase a can of heavy-duty spray starch. Place 1/4 cup of water on the. A big hat will make a statement look out of a sundress or doll up your favorite T- shirt on a lazy afternoon. But stuff it into your closet one too many times and you'll . My daughter needed a new floppy sun hat and when I asked on facebook where I could find a good one, within days some great friends of ours.

How to starch a sunhat or floppy hat to make it more stiff - YouTube. All you need is some starch spray! Just spray it all over your hat, paying special attention to the rim. Don´t forget to treat both sides and let the. It can be pretty easy to end up with a squashed straw hat, especially when For example, you could take a small wastepaper basket or an ice bucket and . Spray it with heavy starch and leave it to sit in a bowl or something of similar shape.

No need to buy a new hat this summer — just DIY! Your solution = spray starch and an iron. Beach_Hat_hacks_ Spray and iron for. How to starch a sun hat or floppy hat to make it more stiff: housebrac.com