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When a guys ego is hurt

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A man's ego is extremely fragile. His ego is the structure around which he builds his feelings of competence and purpose in the world. Just because a man may take the emotion out of most situations doesn't mean he is made of stone. Even if you hurt a man's ego inadvertently, you can cause. Although I don't recommend putting this answer to practical use, I'll go ahead and answer it anyway. To hurt a man's ego you need to figure out two things:

No one likes getting their ego hurt, and that includes men. Our pride depends on how we view our worth, confidence, and self-esteem. (housebrac.com) -- Here's a closely guarded secret: Women have more influence over men than they think. Psychologist Jay Carter talks to Michelle. He feels all of the above. If it's happened to him quite a bit, he might become an angry person who no longer wants anyone in his life. And we don't want to see.

The male ego is fragile. That doesn't infer it needs to be stroked constantly. Protecting a man's heart the way he does yours begins with you. Men, more than women, are creatures that value their pride. Because of that, a seemingly simple comment from a girlfriend can hurt a guy's ego. While everyone, both men and women have egos, it seems to Think about this: When a man gets hurt it's actually worse than when a. Home › Forums › Complicated Situation / Mixed Signals › hurt his ego, how to fix This topic contains 4 replies, has 1 voice, and was l.