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Curtis sparks exhaust packing how to

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The Sparks Racing Muffler Repacking Kit is an essential part of any exhaust system maintenance schedule. The packing inside the muffler not only reduces. Running a muffler with sub-standard amounts of packing will create excessive exhaust heat, which can damage the spark arrestor and the muffler. idk what was going on but i bought some moose packing for my curtis sparks and i had to repack it 4 times a season idk if it was cheap packing.

hey does any one know where i can buy new muffler packing for my curtis sparks ?. i have a curtis sparks system that is WAY to loud. im thinking about repacking and was looking at material on ebay thats Ceramic fiber and an. After 20 to 30 hours of riding, four-stroke muffler packing starts to Once cool, you can remove the spark arrestor or quiet-core insert installed.

I recently added a Sparks X6 full system big core to my , and go to housebrac.com and buy some fmf or hmf exhaust packing. Guys my packing is coming today for my Sparks pipe on my Z. Problem is if I take the muffler off the outcome might not be housebrac.com pipe of the. I think my Curtis Sparks exhaust is in need of a repack job (it doesn't sound quite as deep as it used to, kind of getting a buzz sound when i.