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How to change spellbook osrs

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A player may only cast spells from their current spellbook, and if they wish to use spells from another spellbook they must change to that spellbook. It is possible. When u want to change back to the normal spellbook, just go to the LMS world, join the lobby and forfeit. Now you are back on the normal. Fastest Method To Change Magic Book - posted in Questions & Money Making: So everytime I want to change my magic spells from ancient's.

With tomorrow's update, the Lunar Spellbook will be reverted to the correct . spellbook was polled with the information that they'd change it. To go with the prayer reordering plugin, would be nice to move the order of your spellbook around too. Whatever alter you have prayed at, just pray at that same alter again or any altar twice e.g- if you're on ancient spell book, pray at the astral altar.

After completing the Desert Treasure quest, rather than having to walk through the Pyramid every time you want to change spellbooks you can.