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Curtain raiser ppt animation how to appear

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It makes use of the gradient fill and animation features within PowerPoint to create a strong based upon red velvet curtains in an homage to Baz Luhrman's Moulin Rouge. This should have animation settings of Appear and After Previous. Open up presentation in PowerPoint with a blank slide; Insert a picture; Insert a Look for Image Control and change brightness to % and contrast to 0%. Explore the Curtains transition effect in PowerPoint. Look at this YouTube embedded movie to see how this Curtains transition effect looks.

If we want to show an unpublished graph or news about the company, a project or idea, then we can use animated curtains and effects to. Very effective curtain drapes to open or to close a Powerpoint. I would have liked to add 'That's all folks' audio clip but my skills were. Theater Curtains Opening (non-looping). ITEM#: TYPE: PowerPoint Animation. DESCRIPTION This animation clip art shows a theater curtains being .