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How to get infinity ward clan tag

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In mw2 lobby try setting your clantag as IW, it will say infinity ward employees only. Now if you set it as "IW it will let you and then for other. 1: Go To Clan Tag 2: Put In Speech Marks 3: Then Put IW After That So It Should Look Like This Now IW 4: Then Press Start And Go To The. do people with the IW clan tag really work for infinity ward and do they get paid with microsoft points? i have a few friends which arent old.

Infinity ward needs to make clan tags exclusive where their is a clan leader and he/she are able to recruit people without having to fear posers. Hey guys, Everytime I attempt to make a clan tag it says text prohibitec due to profanity. I've tried all types of letters and numbers with same. what are some of the clan tags you have seen ingame.. not best clan, just the best tag i use either [frog], cos it sounds funny, or [I>U] i used.

WATCH NOW: How to Do the Infinity Ward Clan Tag in. How to Get Natural- Looking Curls With a Wand. How to Get Natural-Looking Curls With a Wand . Why do some people have yellow clan tags that say like MP12 or what does that mean and how do you get it on Call Of a Duty Infinite warfare?. Just noticed that you can't have the initials of COD developer companies like Treyarch, Sledgehammer, and even Infinity Ward as your clan tag.