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How to unlock htc hero with google

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i bought my HTC Hero (Orange UK) locked a few days ago, and it arrived I spent at least 12h trying to unlock it:=) reading all posts over the. OS: Android, latest build w/ HTC Sense I think I've effectively bricked my phone, but this is not my fault I enabled the screen lock, and set a. Unlock a forgotten lock pattern - HTC Hero(TM) with Google(TM). Attempt to draw the pattern at least 5 times. After the fifth unsuccessful attempt, a notification.

Hi, I have had a Hero for about a month now and yesterday If this fails, you can unlock your phone by entering your Google Account user. HTC Hero support. Forgotten screen lock. If you've forgotten your screen unlock pattern, you'll have five attempts to try and unlock your phone. Find out how to. I did not setup a google acct and changing. My son decided to play with my phone last night (the screen was locked) now I can't unlock it.

Google contacts are imported to HTC Hero S after you sign in to . On the lock screen, drag an app icon to the ring to unlock the screen and directly go.