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What are the compartments of the leg

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Compartments. The leg is divided into four osseofascial compartments by. interosseous membrane of the leg; transverse intermuscular septum. The fascial compartments of the leg are the four fascial compartments that separate and contain the muscles of the lower leg The compartments are divided by. The anterior compartment of the leg is a fascial compartment of the lower limb. It contains muscles that produce dorsiflexion and participate in inversion and.

The posterior compartment of the leg contains seven muscles, organised into two layers – superficial and deep. The two layers are separated. There are two muscles in the lateral compartment of the leg; the fibularis longus and brevis (also known as peroneal longus and brevis). Start studying 4 Compartments of Lower Leg. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

The leg, as seen on an axial cut, is divided into 4 distinct fascial compartments. The figures are cartoons, to illustrate the concept of.