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What is a hangmans break

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A hangman's fracture is a break in one of the vertebrae of the neck. While it can be quite serious, this break can usually be treated successfully. "Hangman's fracture" is the colloquial name given to a fracture of both pedicles or partes interarticulares of the axis vertebra (C2). Summary. Hangman = a person who performs judicial (judge-ordered) hangings. Fracture = a break in a bone. Hangman's fracture is a break in a specific part of.

A young man in Tunisia who was in a high-speed crash suffered a broken neck — in an injury doctors call a "hangman's fracture" — yet. Hangman's fracture is a fracture of the axis in the cervical region. The pedicles of the axis break symmetrically and the fracture may extend across the posterior. In the long drop, those planning the execution calculate the drop distance required to break the subject's neck based on his or her weight, height and build.

Thea Maxfield, who suffered a clean 'hangman's break' when she fell from her dressage horse, tried to get out of the animal's way as it galloped. Am J Nurs. Dec;70(12) Hangman's break. Shaw M. PMID: ; [Indexed for MEDLINE]. MeSH terms. Accidents, Traffic; Cervical. Hangman's fracture results from hyperextension of the upper cervical spine. The axis breaks symmetrically across its pedicles or lateral masses, and the fracture.