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Who wrote the 1872 mining laws

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The General Mining Act of is a United States federal law that authorizes and governs . The original mining law gave miners the opportunity to obtain patents (deeds from the government), much as farmers could obtain title under the. The Mining Law, which governs the transfer of rights to mine gold, silver, . Claimants maintain rights from year to year by paying a $ 3 The General Mining Law of codified two earlier laws: the Lode Mining Act of. July 26, , ch. vests $ worth of labor or improvements each year.'1.

The General Mining Law of regulates the mining of certain mineral resources "retained under federal ownership since their original acquisition by treaty. Video: Lou Dobbs on the Mining Law and Uranium Mining at the Grand ($ for the first year), or file a fee waiver if they've done work on the claim. The Claim-Patent System: Fueling a Year Heist of Public Lands Enacted as part of the General Mining Law, this system was designed to spur.

4 days ago The Mining Law was signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant. It was passed to promote the development and settlement of. Fiscal Year ment is that the Mining Law of is self-executing and does not allow the Secretary of the Interior to weigh alternative public values. Under the General Mining Law of ,1 a prospector may purchase title in fee simple . vests $ worth of labor or improvements each year A locator who . The Enduring Vitality of the General Mining Law of while nonetheless maintaining its original structure and premise, than the Mining Law of